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    weak or no video signal detected


      I recently upgraded to a new Slingbox pro and have been unable get any video or sound and am looking for some help.


      We have Comcast cable which goes directly from the wall and is plugged into the Comcast in port - another cable goes from the Comcast out port and is plugged into the Slingbox in coax cable inlet on the far right hand side - another wire goes from my Linksys wireless router and is plugged into the Slingbox - the wireless remote is plugged into the Slingbox and positioned in the Comcast box.


      When I launch the program everything comes on and the remote comes up on the screen - I can turn the Comcast box on and off and can change the channels - everything works but no picture.  I logged onto my router site and updated the code numbers that were provided - still no picture.  My guess is that the Slingbox isn't talking to the router for some reason.


      Any ideas would be appreciated!